Bred By Onahi Staffords

We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our puppy owners. We couldnt have asked for better homes and we thank you all for providing them with so much love and for keeping us up to date with their progress. We love watching them grow and form such strong bonds with their new familys. We love having you a part of the Onahi family.

Ghost - Onahi Boo


DOB: 31st January 2015

Ryder and Deacon litter


Introducing Ghost!


Loved and owned by Jordan and Drew. Ghost has a big brother by the name of Tank who was bred by Jomaldun Staffords.

Ghost is another from the Ryder and Deacon litter that is very confident and would excel in a number of dog sport activites. She is certainly a little pocket rocket and a beauty queen.

We are grateful to Jordan and Drew for being able to capture a moment of her standing still :) x Thanks for the updates guys!




Zulu - Onahi Shaka Zulu


DOB: 31st January 2015

Ryder and Deacon litter


Introducing Zulu!!


Zulu is a very playful and loving boy who is proudly part of the Corby family in New Zealand. Zulu is now a proud big brother and Onahi would like to welcome little Rohan to the family xx Congratulations guys!! We have no doubt they will be best friends for life.




Guinness - Onahi Stealth Bomber

DOB: 31st January 2015

Ryder and Deacon litter


Introducing Guinness!!


I really found it hard to part with this big beauty. Guinness was the first born and largest in the litter. What a character! He made us laugh all the time. Guinness now resides in his beautiful Denmark with the lovely Carol and is the apple of her eye. We look forward to catching up with Carol and Guinness while on holidays down south.


Ninja - Onahi Heza Ninja

DOB: 31st January 2015

Ryder and Deacon litter


Introducing Ninja!!


Ninja is a spitting image of his father, Deacon. A beautiful, happy and playful pup who is loved and adored by the gorgeous Liezl and Arthur.


Ninja and his sister Bliss, were the most confident and playful in the litter. Like his mother and father, he likes to have a good play on the spring pole


Ninja is a very clever boy who would excel in agility, obedience and other dog activities.

Chewy - Onahi Homegrown Hero


DOB: 31st January 2015

Ryder and Deacon litter


Introducing Chewy!!


Our home grown hero, Chewy is loved and adored by a lovely couple, Edita and Dale.


Chewy is growing up into a handsome young man and is proving to be quite a clever boy. A lovely blend of his mother and father with eyes that can melt the coldest of hearts.



Mango - Onahi Instant Chemistry


DOB: 31st January 2015

Ryder and Deacon litter


Introducing Mango!!


Mango is loved and adored by the gorgeous Cox family and best friends with her kitty cat, Meowmeow.


Little miss independent and little miss grumble bum, our Mango was quite happy to play on her own and always the one to stand her ground. She has a beautiful loving personality where she spent most of her time snuggling on the couch with me or my grandmother who absolutely adored her.

Roxy - Onahi Carpe Diem


DOB: 4th February 2013

Poppy and Joker Litter


Daughter of our cheeky Poppy girl, our beautiful Roxy is our very first Onahi girl. Roxy resides with Deb and Chris and their two gorgeous children, Holly and Luke. Roxy has a cheeky personality, just like her mother and her loud mouth LOL we love her to bits.


Roxy was awarded Opposite Puppy In Specialty Show in November 2013, Judge Celeste Meier (Stoneheart). Critique;


Puppy Bitch

1st. Onahi Carpe Diem

"White bitch, brindle markings with correct head shape, good expression, well placed ears and great mouth with all teeth correctly placed. Nice sized bitch without exaggeration moved and handled well."


Roxy will be shown lightly in the ring more so at specialty level.

Trevor - Onahi T Bone


DOB: 4th February 2013

Poppy and Joker Litter


Our first born and smallest of the litter, we introduce the oh so happy , Trevor or as I use to call him as a baby, "weeman".


Trevor was always everyone's favourite. We had to ply him out of the hands of many children. One to part hardly with, Trevor now resides with Kaz, Gaz and their daughter, Leah. After the loss of their beloved Neo, Kaz introduced herself at a dog show and I knew she would love our grandbaby like we would.



Jhett - Onahi Raptor


DOB: 4th February 2013

Poppy and Joker Litter


Introducing the largest pup out of our Poppy and Joker litter, Jhett. Jhett is a well balanced and strong boy. He was always confident and had a smile on his face.


Jhett now resides in Northern Queensland with our very good friends, Lisa and Jason and their two children, Connor and William. He also resides with his fluffy friend, Raffy. Jhett and his family will be returning to Perth in the future.

Mufasa - Onahi Rising Royal


DOB: 4th February 2013

Poppy and Joker Litter


Introducing our cheeky little boy, Mufasa. Mufasa is our stunning Mahogany Brindle and white boy who is extremely outgoing and very clever.


King Mufasa resides with the lovely Loedolff family and has full run of his "Kingdom". It was hard to part with all the grandkids but knowing they are in the BEST of homes, makes it easier. Thanks guys x

Our extended "furry" family

Murphy - Pranksta Takn Care O Buziness

DOB: 1st June 2012

Ch Challenger Dirty Bertie x Linwest White Witch


The spunk, Murphy bred by Jodie Sing (PRANKSTA) who is someone I highly admire in the breed of Staffords.

Murphy is a lovely Stafford who turns a few heads. He has a wonderful new home with Andrea and Dave who still keep in contact with. Murphy now has a gorgeous new sister, Sersha (American Staffordshire Terrier) who he loves to bits. We couldn't have asked for a better  home for this young man. Thanks guys!! x