Rescue dog & our best mate. Adopted from www.petrescue.com.au


















Hurley, the man of the house


How can anyone part with something so beautiful and so loving....? We were blessed with Hurley after discovering him on petrescue.com.au in 2010. He had been collected by the Canterbury Pound in NSW, along with his brother at approximately 6 months of age. As soon as we saw his profile we knew he was the one and we had him flown over. His brother was also adopted by a couple in Western Australia and we reunited them approximately 1 year later.


Hurley, also known as "Pig", was quite destructive when we first brought him home. He thoroughly enjoyed chewing up the reticulation, the wiring to the reticulation system, chewing the fencing and removing doors off their hinges. This is when we decided to get him a best mate, Poppy. Once Poppy joined our home she kept him on his toes and the destruction stopped. Although the two of them did escape into the neighbours yard one day and brought home 1 running shoe and 1 thong. We managed to return them safely.

Hurley is very well known at our local park being a very social and friendly boy who loves other dogs.


Hurley has successfully completed all classes in obedience training.


Love you Hurls x