HURLEY (aka Pig)
DOB: 26th Dec 2009
Rescued from www.petrescue.com.au

​Hurley is a truly gentle soul.

We were blessed with Hurley after discovering him on petrescue.com.au in 2010. He had been collected by the Canterbury Pound in NSW, along with his brother at approximately 6 months of age. As soon as I saw his profile I knew he was the one and we had him sent over. His brother was also adopted by a couple in Western Australia and we reunited them approximately 1 year later.

Hurley is very well known at our local park. He is a very social boy who loves other dogs. Forever giving us that look "time for walkies"?? No matter how many times a day we go.

We absolutely adore this boy xxx


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POPPY - Costalot Blazing Summer
DOB: 28th March 2011

Champ Roperbull in the Red x Moostaffs QueenOHartz

Our hilarious girl Poppy and daddy's little princess!!

She makes us laugh and smile everyday. Every morning without fail, she greets us with a big moan. If you cant find Poppy, first place to look is in our bed, under the blankets... Cheeky girl! Like all of our kids, she too is a big smoocher and has this "go-go-gadget" like tongue which is forever trying to kiss you.

Poppy is very fit and has fantastic agility and learning skills which will be put to the test in the coming year.

Poppy has won the hearts of many of our family and friends and people who get to meet her. She has that typical "I love everyone" attitude like most Staffords - and we love her too!


Poppy produced our very first litter of Onahi babies in February 2013. Her daughter, Roxy (Onahi Carpe Diem) was awarded Opposite Puppy in Specialty Show in November 2013. We are very proud.



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RYDER - Dekdance Shez the Bomb
DOB: 26th October 2011​
Rayonnoire the Nomad x Champion Toplace Helovagal

The baby of the family and  mummy's shadow.

Ryder is one of the most laid back Staffords I have ever met. She likes to go with the flow, actually, she is the complete opposite to Poppy.


Ryder is extremely agile and fit out running both Poppy and Hurley at Lure Coursing events. Being a terrier, she loves the chase and bring back her prize with a look of triumph.

She was born in Darwin and like her mother, she is a real water baby. Summer or Winter, after her walks in the morning and afternoon, she heads straight to her bucket or splash pool and sits in it.

Ryder is our little show girl and to-date, she has done very well. In November 2012 she was awarded RUNNER UP BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW at only 12 months of age. A HUGE achievement which we are extremely proud of.


Ryder will be mated in 2014 where we hope to produce some lovely puppies which will hopefully make their debut in the show ring, closer to 2015.

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