Jomaldun Specialist Pet Supplies


For those who like to ensure your dog is dressed for comfort, Jomaldun Pet Supplies will be able to provide you with Soft Collars in a range of colours and styles.




























For orders contact Alison via Facebook, email or phone 0408 945 081


Blue - Hurley's Collar

Animal Print - Ryder's Collar

Turquoise - Poppys Collar

English Collar range - NEW

The complete range of collars

Skull and Rose range - NEW

The Goughnut

Our longest lasting toy yet!!


We decided to give this new extreme toy a go as it is supposed to be one of the longest lasting toys a dog can own.


  • Indestructable!(nearly)

  • Floatable

  • Cleanable

  • Rollable

  • Chewable

  • Recyclable


We'll give you an update on how long this new addition can handle the Onahi kids!